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July 21, 2006




zune scene

Great idea for a blog, I can tell it will have some personality to it, and nice touch on the logo Cesar.


Sweet... a new MP3 player coming out soon. My just died so maybe I'll save up for the Zune... (sweet name IMO.)


I can't find an "E" on the logo.
What does Zune mean anyway?

zune scene

Zune is a brand, it doesn't mean anything, but it rymes with tune and sounds good with zunecast.


Sound intresting, will there be Xbox 360 and Live integration? I'm guessing you can't tell me yet :(

Btw the RSS feeds don't seem to be working


My only question is will Zune be available on Linux? We've already got a plethora of digital services and devices that work on Windows and Mac's, but none for Linux.

Ben B.

The RSS appears to be dead...

Top Rope Suplex

Is the Zune team going to have a community podcast like Major Nelson? Having a "Zune Insider" will go a long way to getting me interested in what you guys are doing; a real person is always better than a Press Release.


A podcast would be good!

cathy uy

Creative labs' stock just went down by .26 cents (it's average around $5)--probably with Microsoft's Zune launch announcement. Won't Creative Labs and iRiver as well as the other MS mp3 player clients get ticked off by Zune? They might even sue if Zune used some patented or proprietary technology (remember Creative's suit against Apple). MS customers can also sue on the basis they revealed product specs, plans, etc. to MS which they're not allowed to use on a competing product. That basically leaves MS little else left for a patent-free existence. I expect these mp3 players will start going through Zune products with a fine-tooth comb looking for reasons to launch a legal attack against MS.


I know Cesar personally, Zune is in EXCELLENT hands. I can't wait to hear more from you and the project and I now have another URL to add to my list of favorite sites. Take care Cesar!



My name is Steven Artlip, gt, Steve519. I'm a co-host for XBL Radio,
www.xblradio.com. I'm trying to get some interviews lined up for our
show to let our listeners learn more about the Zune in the up coming months. If any of this is possible, please contact me back. You can
check us out at XBLRadio.com to see what we are about, and we are one
of the more listened to XBox podcasts out there.

Thank you
Steven Artlip


If you need alpha testers, let me know ;-)


Wow, this "blog" sure seems like a real, regular, hard-working guy's blog, alright. It sure doesn't read anything like a trying-to-sound-real Microsoft commercial.

This is so sad.


Is there any proof to show you really are who u say you are? For all we know u could be just some random saying he works fo MS.


Best of luck César!

bill dixon

I hope this player is using the new Sigmatel chip!


Congratulations on your announcement and position working with Microsoft on the Zune.
Also, I run a Zune news and information blog located at ZuneUser.com. Would you kindly add that to your list of links on the right?


Oh wow, it just quadruple posted. No idea how that happened, sorry. Please delete :D

Mike Harper

Ah - have any of you seen the "film" at comingzune.com yet? Wow - if this is a real effort by Microsoft, Apple and all the other players in the MP3 and music market have nothing to worry about - absolutely pathetic marketing! Sorry folks - it is the truth ;-)


I certainly hope the Zune mp3 player will have a microphone jack and be able to record high quality audio. Being a musician, that is IMHO the only real flaw of the iPod. As J.W. Goethe once said: "Those who have no music are not human beings. Those who listen are half human. Making music makes man complete."


I have an iPod AND I LOVE IT.
It would be interesting to see Microsoft try and steal all Apple's ideas once again, and try to make it seem new (ooh look, a multifinder)


'Zune' sounds like something an 'overpaid 40 year old wannabee hipster with a little loop earing in his left ear and a tiny little pony tail on the back of a balding head' would come up with. How much did you guys pay for that?

Regina Spektor wants to be Fiona Apple
The Zune hardware wants to be an iPod.
The Zune software wants to be iTunes (even down to a feeble attempt at the name)
And Microsoft wants to be Apple...

But can't. This smells like the UMPC/Origami debacle. It walks and talks like it too.

Sorry Microsoft, try again.


Here's a game... What song should MS use to launch their Zune? I say:

"How Zune is Now" - Morrissey

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